Ozon sets record for everyday goods turnover with thriving marketplace

The Ozon Internet platform delivered a record 2.2 million orders of everyday consumer goods across 85 regions of Russia during April 2020. The key driver of growth is the Ozon Marketplace, which already accounts for 45% of turnover and 55% of the assortment in this category.

In April 2020, Ozon’s turnover from sales of consumer goods amounted to RUB 2.8 billion including VAT* — three times more than last year. In just one month, Ozon delivered 2.2 million orders that included consumer goods, an increase of 2.7 times compared to the previous year. Additionally, Ozon processed 70 thousand orders with FMCG (fast-moving consumer goods) — 2.6 times more than in April 2019.

The growth rate in this sector was influenced by continued self-isolation measures in Russia: with their social contacts restricted, Russian consumers are increasingly shopping for basic goods online. These primarily include food, baby and pet products, and household cleaning and hygiene products, which now appear in every second order on Ozon.

The Ozon Marketplace is a promising sales channel for industries and companies located across Russia’s regions, which use the platform to not only maintain their sales, but to scale them to the entire country through access to Ozon's user traffic, logistics facilities and infrastructure. In April, regional sellers accounted for 41% of sales across FMCG categories: 1,000 local companies sold their goods on Ozon, with the most active businesses hailing from St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Krasnodar and Kazan.

Elena Shulgina, Business Development Director at Ozon, noted:

“In March-April, the e-commerce sector saw more demand than ever before. This demand came not only from customers, who can use online platforms to find all the products they need to maintain a comfortable lifestyle in self-isolation; but no less importantly, demand came from sellers who have limited ability to sell offline in the current environment, and for whom the marketplace is one of the few available sales channels, and one that allows them to scale their business to the whole of Russia thanks to Ozon's traffic, logistics facilities and infrastructure. The FMCG sector sees the largest number of ‘template purchases,’ such as when a customer regularly orders the same pet food or laundry detergent. That’s why we recently launched a subscription service that offers regular delivery of basic goods. When a customer subscribes to the service, the goods are reserved for the customer for future deliveries, and he/she receives an additional discount on the first purchase.”

* data is based on an assortment of goods that is comparable to those of other online stores of food and related products.